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Tools and Drugs of the Future
Innovative Methods and New Modalities in Medicinal Chemistry

Research Training Group RTG 2873 (Graduiertenkolleg GRK 2873)

Medicinal Chemistry is a highly interdisciplinary field of research that focuses on the discovery, characterization and development of bioactive tool compounds and drugs. In recent years, the target landscape as well as the types of drug molecules (“drug modalities”) and the methods employed in Medicinal Chemistry and drug research have significantly changed. In the planned RTG we therefore intend to educate and train a future generation of medicinal chemists that will be well prepared to master future challenges.

Tools and drugs for novel types of targets

Different strategies will be employed to discover tools and drugs for novel types of targets.
The research program focuses on four core themes that are closely interconnected:

(I) targeted protein degraders (PROTACs),
(II) macrocyclic drugs,
(III) biopolymers as tools and drugs, and
(IV) drug conjugates.

The research projects are supported by jointly used technology platforms: the proprietary Pharma-Zentrum Bonn compound library, the Center of Aptamer Research and Development CARD, a structural biology platform, and a platform of advanced instruments in medicinal chemistry.

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Research projects


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Senior researchers

This RTG proposal has been composed by leading researchers from five different institutes of two faculties (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Faculty of Medicine), who have a history of previous successful collaborations. The diverse group of PIs comprises experienced as well as young aspiring researchers.

The broad scientific backgrounds of the researchers and their interconnections will allow us to gain considerable synergies in covering a wide variety of new modalities, all of which have in common that they differ from classical drugs: their properties are beyond Lipinski’s rule of 5 (Ro5) resulting in similar problems that have to be solved. The RTG will allow close interactions to tackle the resulting scientific questions.

News & Events from GRK 2873
Meet the expert - Dr. Peter Ettmayer

Dr. Peter Ettmayer gave an interesting lecture to our RGT 2873 PhD students.

Meet the expert - Prof. Dr. Margherita Brindisi

Prof. Dr. Margherita Brindisi gave an interesting lecture to our RTG 2873 students.

GRK Student Julia Dörner received Diploma Thesis Award

Julia Dörner has been awarded the prize for the best diploma thesis at the Pharmaceutical Institute of the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg for the academic year 2022/23. The award is granted annually by Serumwerk Bernburg AG. 

Training Program:
Innovation in key areas of medicinal chemistry

We have planned a 3- to 4-year qualification program for the doctoral researchers. It comprises a lecture series in advanced medicinal chemistry, workshops, a central doctoral colloquium, an international lecture series and an international career development program comprising courses in soft skills, science philosophy and ethics in science. We will closely collaborate with our privileged international partner institutions, the Universities of Copenhagen (Denmark), Dundee (Scotland) and Tohoku (Japan) with which we have agreed on a lab exchange program for the doctoral students.

We will innovate in key areas of medicinal chemistry and educate and train a new generation of medicinal chemists and young scientists at the interface between medicinal chemistry and interconnected disciplines. Moreover, the research projects will contribute to drug research and development for the benefit of patients.

Project timeline
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PhD students welcome!

We are looking for ambitious PhD students who want to work on an exciting, cutting-edge research project in the interdisciplinary field of drug research. The PhD students will enjoy an outstanding education and training in medicinal chemistry, focusing on the latest developments. Courses in soft skills will also be provided.

In addition to PhD students, we are looking for a post-doctoral scientist preferably with experience in structural biology or protein expression and purification.

Contact to the Research Training Group RTG 2873

Please send your inquiry about the Research Training Group to the speaker or deputy speaker.

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